Me and my younger brother started programming about 4 years ago ( Currently i’m 17 and he is 14). In 4 years he has attained significant amount of knowledge in programming. Here are few things we have achieved since then in chronological order.

I was always a nerd and introvert. I started learning programming language when i was 9, and my father bought me a computer when i was 10. Initially, i used to play many games but eventually the interest in game decreased, but the Gaming was responsible for my huge involvement in programming. Here are few things after that in chronological order.

1.) Created illegal music website that started receiving great traffic from Google, but eventually shut it down due to copyright issues.

2.) Created a blog that was on Reddit front page 3–4 times (2 years ago). Server sometimes crashed due to outburst of traffic.

3.) Did freelancing for 3–4 months to earn some money to buy some new gadgets. (But we don’t have much interest in freelancing) .

4.) Created plugins and did some open source project on Google Voice API, Youtube Cryptography,Wordpress Plugin,etc.

5.) Created a Android Virtual Reality Game with 50,000 downloads.

6.) Attained a some sort of knowledger in many language and framework such as Python,C,C++,Android,Node.js,Mysql,PHP,HTML,CSS,Javascript,C# (For game in unity) etc and have handled different API such as Paypal REST Payment API,etc.

7.) Currently working on the Messaging app with WebRTC.

8.) Submitted idea to one mentoring organization for Google Summer Of Code but couldn’t proceed due ineligibility. (Currently i’m 17)

9.) Founded a company, and working towards some unique and realistic idea. Although many Indians are just founding startups without any vision and good team, some college student just start a startup to impress girls, which in most cases is simple ecommerce business targeted locally. Eg- Evert Second Startup is delivering fresh vegetables and fruit to doorstep.

I got 9.6 GPA in Xth but my interest in programming decreased my interest in studies, thus i ended up getting 78% in 12th and got into regional engineering college, thanks to studies before Board exams. Although the craze for IIT almost decreased when i attended RESONANCE in 9th class, i felt like i was part of RAT-RACE. So after 9th class, i decided to focus on programming.

Now here’s the problem, my younger brother got 8.6 GPA in class X which is very Good GPA but for society its not a good GPA because more than lakh student got 10 GPA, thanks to Indian education system. So what should have been the ideal situation.

  • Get Good Marks in 10th Board.
  • Get Good Percent in 12th Board.
  • Give IIT-JEE and get admission in NIT and IIT.
  • If no IIT/NIT due to bad rank, then go to some regional college.
  • Although no matter which college you go to, CSE must be the branch you choose because it open many doors to career option, regardless of area of interest.
  • Do the programming in TURBO C with C++ 89 in Indian Colleges.
  • Dream of getting into Google,Facebook just because Newspaper headline of highest package.
  • Get a package in SERVICE BASED COMPANIES like Infosys,TCS,Congziant with package of 2–3 lakhs. (True for most initial cases).
  • Get married to girl who is also working. Nothing against woman working, because you can’t run house on one’s earning.
  • Work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. till you die.

Few facts about so called programmer in ‘India.

  • Doesn’t know to deal with simple programming issues.
  • Doesn’t know about different version of language. Concept change as version changes. So they’re not updated with current technology. C++ has 3 standard version 98,03,11.
  • Goes to Coaching to learn C,C++,Java.
  • Earns 15–55k per month.
  • Has typing speed around 20–30 WPM.
  • Get placed in service based company.
  • Doesn’t know how to find solution to a problem. Seeking online help, because you can’t just go and google My Program In C Is Not Running What Should I Do”.
  • Learns Programming To Pass Exams Or Clear Interview by mugging up code.
  • Dream of going to onsite, onsite is bait that is offered to large no of candidate but offered to very actually very small percentage.
  • Doesn’t know shit about programming but has Software Engineer in Job Title.
  • Sticks to one job for most of life.
  • Hasn’t explored programming topics.
  • Have views like Best Programming Language,etc.
  • Stops Learning after getting a job.
  • Can’t afford the house with simple salary. Property rates are too high in metro cities. Thanks to high property rates.
  • Fight to get to the management level.

So if anyone in younger age category try to become programmer (like ADAM or MARK did) India is not a great place for them. Because programming will affect study to some extent.

I think things will eventually change but the time is yet to arrive.

For some of you i am an introvert type of person who loves to play sport and has hobbies such as cooking. Also i am a decent student in India Education system, all thanks to Last Night Studies before exam.

Our parents are very supportive as they know what we do and has supported us for last 5 Years. But the pressure or talks that relative do sometimes become unbearable.


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