All About Me
Hey, I'm Himanshu Dixit. Here are some basic information about me and my interest.
"Most People Die at 25,And are not buried Till 75"
At Glance
Name Himanshu Dixit
DOB 28/08/1998
Hobbies Blogging,Cooking,TV,Playing Sports.
Good At Coding,Cooking,Cricket,Table Tennis,Badminton
Ask Me Coding,Product Desgin,UI/UX Design,Sports,Technology,Politics
Music Indian,Cold Play,
Movies Wolf Of Wall Street,Martian,Iron Man,Moneyball,Haider
Profession Student (Information Technology)
From Jaipur (Pink City), Rajasthan
Keyword Adventuruos,Foodie,Introvert,Stubborn,Traveller,Weird
Likes Cooking,Watching TED Videos,Playing Sports
TV Shows Silicon Valley,Breaking Bad,Suits.
Books Zero To One, Creativity Inc., Wings Of Fire
A.K.A Hudixt

My Autobiography

Hey, i'm Himanshu Dixit.I practice atheism. My weight is 59 Kg and height is 178 cm (5 ft 11 inch). Since childhood i am fascinated by technology, instead of playing with them, i rather loved breaking them down and see the stuff inside them. I also love playing different sports, but awfully bad at Basketball and Football. I am introvert by nature and doesn't like to interact with strange people.I hate the Indian Education System, and primarily i'm self learner. Most of the time you can see with my laptop and my headphones (no music, just for concentration). My childhood dream occupation includes becoming astronaut,chef,cricketer (I was pretty serious about it) . I have Information Technology as my major and currently enrolled in my freshman year.

I got familiar with programming when i was 10 year old, i wrote my first program in Qbasic. Since than i started acquiring as much as skill set as possible, i have also gained expertise in many of them. Last year me and my brother (Utkarsh Dixit) created a VR Game for Google Cardboard. I have also worked as Freelancer, Blogger till the age of 16. After which i got more interested in building innovative stuff and have launched 2 startups since then.

I try to work as hard as possible, and try to pursue the things that interest me. I have seen both failures and success in my life. I like to inovate with tehcnology.I like to surf the web, some of my favorite site are Quora,Reddit,Recode,etc. I love debating wit people on technical,politicla and sports topics. I am not very avid reader of books,and have read only 3 books in my entire life. Also i don't like listening to music and keep my headphone on just to avoide any distraction. I keep myself productive using asana, slack and Google Calendre. I hate the Engineering Culture and Service Based Companies. I get inspired from Elon Musk, Aaron Swartz, Swami Vivekanand.

I grew up in Jaipur with a number of cousing. I was always above average kid.I try to learn from everyone, and is avide tech enthusiast. Currently i'm running the 2 companies, GameStream and Tapnar.I like to cook food for my family. Also i have interest in politics and gadgets. I currently use Dell Xps 13 9350 (as laptop), Personal Build with 12 GB RAM and FX - 6300. Currently i'm also giving some of my time to Machine Learning and Data Science.

By the way you can also checkout my Blog, Brutable.

To Be Continued