Are We Morally Dumb?

Submitted by hudixt on Fri, 03/29/2019 - 03:31

We all have read that easy subject named "Moral Science" in primary and secondary school. A subject was so easy that we didn't even have to prepare for it, anyone could score 100/100 in that subject. But going down the line, putting that same subject in practice is very difficult and very few people are able to do it.

Here are some points that I gathered from the moral science

1.) Care about others
2.) Follow rules

3.) Think logically/rationally

4.) Have empathy, think from someone else's perspective
5.) Have Gratitude

Not going too much in depth, but these are some fundamental values everyone knows about. Consider every listed principle, and see if you're having that in your lifestyle. Putting myself in the same shoes, I follow 3/4 things most of the time, but a standard correlation I have seen in people who adhere to the above principles

1.) They've spark to do something (Whether be it for society or themselves). 

2.) The generally have more self-respect. They know their worth, I have observed a similar change in myself.

3.) They're more confident.

4.) They try to analyze what's right and wrong, they constantly improve upon themselves.