A Happiness Guide | Personal Diary

Submitted by hudixt on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 17:56

Sometimes, I wonder what makes people happy? Achieving goals, earning money, etc, but no this is not always true. I started to spend more time on this and came to figure out 3 major constituents of happiness

1.) Food/ Shelter

In short, basic necessities. These are the fundamental things, resources one required of living a general life. If these things are not there then we're affected both Physically and Emotionally as our life is dependent on this.

2.) Chemical/ Drugs

Most of the when people are sad or wanna feel good, then it's either alcohol or some other forms of intake that we have. This happiness is instant but doesn't last very long though, also after a point of time, you become addicted to it.

3.) Belief System

This is where things start to become hazy and you're looking for a tradeoff. Being a rational thinker, I try to analyze things to the root level, but over a period of time, I have seen a difference with the persons who inherit this belief system thru society, religion or friends. Those people generally don't question things and are happy with their lives.

So in the end, it's basically a moral dilemma between thinking logically vs being happy xD. I will keep trying to find the apt balance and if it can be achieved.