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GIT Cheatsheet For Github

Git is the collabrating software that is used by team/individuals to collbrate and manage the codebase efficiently. It was developed by linus trovald, the creator of LINUX kernel. It is free software and is open source and is core part of Github,Gitbase,etc. With time it has become more popular than other alternative like SVN,etc.

This is the handy GIT cheatsheet you can you use while working with projects.


Kill Social Media Feed With Chrome Plugin

Last year i created a Google Chrome Plugin that automatically destroy social media feed of social network like Facebook,Twitter and Youtube.

The Plugin uses jquery to disable the feed block when the social media site loads.

I created this for my personal use but then uploaded the code to github as Open Source Project.

You can find this project at this link.

You’re free to download, redistribute or extent the following code. But a credit to the project will be nice.


CGI referes to the Common graphical Interface, not to be confused with CGI used in movies. CGI was earlier commonly used to pass the input through the web server to the dynamically runnning web application. It was used to send the data to processing application that would return the output.

CGI is now rarely used as it has now got replaced by web technologies and framework, like PHP,Django,Ruby On Rails and many other framework.

Some shared hosting service provied CGI support to Movable type blog and other modification/use according to one’s need.