Week 10: Finishing Social Post Implementer and GSoC Meetup At LNMIIT

Submitted by hudixt on Thu, 08/10/2017 - 23:24

I am working on Adding support for The league oAuth and new implementers for social auth and social post under the mentorship of Getulio Sánchez "gvso"(Paraguay) and Daniel Harris “dahacouk” (UK).

Last week, I started working on creating the first social_post implementer using theleague library. This week, we have finished social_post_facebook [Link to Code] and I have started working on social_post_google.

Here are some of the things that I worked on during the 10th week of GSoC coding period.

User Collection

The functionality of adding Facebook account was added during the last week, this week I worked on showing the linked account on the user page and overall social post accounts for an implementer for the administrator. This was one of the blockers I faced during this week but thanks to Getulio Sánchez for helping me with this task.

Deleting Functionality

The functionality to delete the linked account was added this week. The SocialPostEntityDeleteForm was defined to implement the account delete functionality.

Change In Entity

Handlers were added to the entity to implement above 2 tasks and the entity keys were changed id and uuid.


To implement the functionality of the auto posting, Rulesaction has been defined which provide the post to Facebook functionality. The Rulesaction need to be defined by the administrator to perform an action on an event.

In our rules action file, we’re retrieving the Facebook accounts for the current user and then making the API calls using the access token saved during the time of linking an account. (The token is encrypted and is decrypted by using the salt defined in settings.php).

Talk at LNMIIT


This week I was invited to give a talk about my GSoC project and my open source experience at LNMIIT. LNMIIT is a university in India and is among top 10 university based on no. of GSoC selections. It was an overwhelming experience to interact with students interested in contributing to Open Source, I hope some of the students from the meetup will get involved with Drupal as a mentor or GSoC students.

My talk consisted of my Open Source experience, sharing information about Drupal involvement in GSoC and GCI and most importantly sharing details about my GSoC project [Discussing leagueoauth/OAuth2 and social initiative project]

It was amazing experience for me as I got to interact with other GSoC students and share ideas with them.[Photos of the event]

These were some of the tasks I worked on as a part of my project,  I was thrilled by the tenth week of Google Summer of Code coding phase. My goal for next week to complete this whole project by writing documentations and pushing the implementers for the community to test.