Week 9: Finishing Base Social Auth Implementer And Work on Social Post Implementer

Submitted by hudixt on Tue, 08/01/2017 - 23:40

I am working on Adding support for The league oAuth and new implementers for social auth and social post under the mentorship of Getulio Sánchez "gvso"(Paraguay) and Daniel Harris “dahacouk” (UK).

Last week, I started working on creating the first social_post implementer using theleague library. This week, we have thoroughly finished testing our base social_auth implementer and worked on base social post implementer social_post_facebook.

Here are some of the things that I worked on during the 6th week of GSoC coding period.

Changes to Social Auth Module [Link to PR] -  New setters and getters methods were defined in the social auth entity to access and modify the data. Also, fields for entity  creation and update timestamp have been added to Social Auth Entity.

Completing base Social Auth Implementers [Link to module]- As the project deals with large number of social auth implementers, gvso wanted to thoroughly test social_auth_google so that other implementer can be based on it.

New feature - One new feature we wanted in this implementer was to grab additional data on behalf of the user during the authentication process. It is achieved by defining scopes (permission to make API calls) and API calls to be made after the user has been authenticated.

Scopes and API Calls

Working On Base Social Post Implementers - 2 weeks ago, I started working on Social Post and its implementers This week I continued developing social_post_facebook.

  • Rewriting Social Post Controller.

  • Rewriting Network Plugin For Social Post Facebook.

These were some of the tasks I worked on as a part of my project,  I was thrilled by the ninth week of Google Summer of Code coding phase. My goal for next week is to push the social_auth implementers after thoroughly testing them, and complete Social Post Facebook. The daily breakdown for next week is as follows.

  • Tuesday - Working on user delete form and displaying user list

  • Wednesday - Work On Post To Facebook functionality.

  • Thursday - PR Submitted to review.

  • Friday - Start working on Social Post Google.

  • Saturday - Writing Documentation For Social Post Facebook and Google.

  • Monday - Push Social Post Implementers and Social Auth Implementers on d.o.