My Skills
This is what i love to do
"Most People Die at 25,And are not buried Till 75"
Database,Frontend, UI/UX Designing,Algorithm are among my strongest skills. I have created many solid backend and frontend application. Also i am giving some of my time to learn Data Science and Machine Learning.
OS    Windows 10,Ubuntu 16.04 LTS(Development), Mac OS X El Capitan, CentOs (Server)

IDE     Eclipse,Visual Studio,Android Studio,Code Block

Code Edtior     Atom,Emacs,Vim,Monodevelop,Sublime Text

Other     Unity,Unreal Engine,Git,Photoshop,Illustrator,After Effects

Gadgets     Dell Xps 13 9350, Macbook Air, PC build.

Programming Language
Proficient     Javascript,PHP,SQL,Python,C++,HTML,CSS3,Shell Scripting

Good     Node.js,C,Java

Learning     R,Ruby,C#,Swift,Objective C,etc

Libraries and Framework
Although didn't have time to categorize them. But some of the libraries i have worked with are Jquery,Djano,Ruby On Rails,Selenium,Scrapy,Bootstrap, Android SDK,Phonegap,Google Api,Double Click,Yotuube Dl,Web RTC,etc. Currently i am also building Javacript Library that can detect Hand Gesture.(But Facing Problem On making it work on Firefox )