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I'm Himanshu. Full stack Engineer & Indie hacker from Bangalore, India
Currently, I'm building Crusher.dev - Powerful No-code testing

I have helped startups with million of users:-
โ€Headout, Rizort, Sveet.io , Rootco.work in developing product and creating MVPs.

My software is used by 6000+ websites. And I have been speaker at DrupalCon Nashville 2018 on oAuth2 integration in Drupal.

Things I Love to Do

Develop elegant and sleek
interfaces at 60 FPS
Sleek and fast software always thrills me. I like to make them fast and interactive.
Write performable
Design elegant architecture containing business logic that can scale to million of users.
Create robust & scalable
Develop robust infra while keeping
the budget low.
Design intuitive
KISS - Keep it stupidly simple.

Some of my work

Crusher.Dev ๐Ÿ”ญ :ย Easy testing for developers

Crusher is new no-code testing platform.
Test your website across all browser in 5 mins.
Anyone can integrate test on their website.

Link to website

Social API ๐Ÿ”‘ :ย Drupal login & posting framework

Login and Webhooks integration with more than 45+ social network.
Deeply integrated with Drupal ecosystem and it has more than 500k+ downloads.
The project was built around oAuth 2 login scheme.

Link to Projects

Sveet.io ๐Ÿฉ :ย Order in cafe thru phone, Earn rewards โญ โญ

Mobile ordering system for diners and get incentized in return.
Cafe owners used it to increase customer repetition and increasing returning visitors by providing offers.

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Let's work together

To get in touch please contact me at [email protected]